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Mister Twister

The Best Of Russian Rock'n'Roll

"Mister Twister" the most popular
rockin' band from Moscow, Russia

Once, a long time ago in the USSR rockabilly music didn't exist. Lots of people enjoyed rock'n'roll, yet officially this kind of music was forbidden in communist state. In 1985 the situation suddenly changed. Rock'n'roll made its way to the official stage thanks to three young moscovites: Vadim Dorohov, Oleg Usmanov and Valeriy Lysenko. They patched up an old broken double-bass, picked a name "Mister Twister" and after 20 nights and days of constant rehearsals plummeted on stage.

In the beginning of 90's Mister Twister easily packed up stadiums. The one and only Soviet record label "Melodiya" issued their debute LP which sold 1.7 million copies. Since that time in Soviet Union and then in Russia two words "Mister Twister" became a synonym for rock'n'roll.

After introducing rock'n'roll to nation-wide audience Mister Twister hit the club stage where rockabilly music initially supposed to be. With the changes that occurred in Soviet Union "Mister Twister" changed as well. New people joined the band and the style became sharper, more street-like. Nowadays the music of Mister Twister captures the essence of rock'n'roll to the fullest extent.

Mister Twister

Valeriy "Hedgehog" Lysenko - 2.5 drums, vocal
Alexey "Brother" Vihrev - double bass, voice
Nikita Garanin - guitar, also sings

Without any doubt Mister Twister takes into consideration such everlasting rock'n'roll monsters as Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Chubby Checker e.t.c. Still the guys don't follow the path of pure "fifties-like" sound. For those who don't dig the thing, now is the XXI century and the band is keepin' the pace. They got a bunch of their own stuff both in Russian and in English. Mister Twister is enormously popular all over the country and army of fans is roarin'!

The band got three singers who can do lead parts as well as backing vocals. This turns the band's sound into something incomparable no matter what they do - a sweet ballad or a fiery rocking piece. As for the life performance... If ya say Mister Twister are totally off the hook onstage you'll hit the jackpot! The guitar player rolls around the floor, the drummer literally flies above his three-piece kit and the bassman slaps his mind away. And all this without hitting a single "illegal" note!!!

But what's the need for words?.. You should see Mister Twister onstage, how cool they play real doggone rock'n'roll! Only then you'll understand: here it is - the real live music that will make you jump! God gave you the brain, Mister Twister will blow it away! Rock on!

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© 1985, Mister Twister